On Wednesday my husband and I are off to Maui for a week for our 5 year anniversary. I wanted to run my packing list by you guys to see if you can spot any holes. I generally pack pretty light, but this list feels very large for me. The weather is supposed to be around 83F daytime and 65F nighttime, with a small chance of scattered showers for a couple days. The jeans and leather jacket are a must as we'll probably be renting a motorcycle for a day or two; the maxi is for a nice dinner on our actual anniversary. The rest is up for grabs though; I didn't include swimwear or accessories below, tips welcome.

Thoughts appreciated!

1 jean, 2 skirts (white gauze, tan floral), 1 shorts (olive)

1 tank (gray or pink tissue), 2 camisoles (red polka dot, taupe), 1 tee (white/navy striped)

1 dress (black floral maxi)

1 leather (brown), 2 cardigans (brown, aqua)

2 sandals (white, bronze), 1 flat (silver sequin)