I have returned from Italy and I LOVED observing the style there on both men and women. I especially enjoyed the footwear. There seemed to be a style uniform among women of skinny jeans/pants, a top I couldn't see under their coat, belted puffer coats and jackets, scarves, and fabulous sensible shoes. The shoes were the best part- fashion sneakers and oxfords reigned. I saw a LOT more women wearing oxfords there than I have here in the states.

I have long thought that I can't wear Oxfords because I have super duper short hair and feel like I must dress much more femme to compensate. But I was so inspired by the footwear in Italy, Angie's own oxford shoe styling and today's blog post about styles changing that I decided to give them a whirl!

I also picked up a pair of skinny jeans, which I didn't own any of before today. I'm going to have to figure out the jeans/oxfords combo. Socks (?), how to secure the laces (Bow? Invisible?) length of the jeans with them (cuff? don't cuff?) and any suggestions about how that works would be very appreciated!