I wear almost exclusively button-up shirts for work, so I was thrilled that oversized shirts were back in stores this year. But I'm having trouble getting the right oversized look, especially with my short arms and overall height (and long torso!). I look swamped in the larger sizes, and I can never decide which size is right. I think one key is what I do with the sleeves - on models, they're often rolled or pushed up, which helps bring the look under control. And of course, the models usually have long limbs so the sleeves just aren't as long.

Anyway, one of my favorite shirts is an old pink oxford from Everlane. I launder it very carefully but it's showing some wear and discoloration, so I was really excited that Everlane brought back a similar shirt. The new version is styled to be more oversized, though the cut and sizing is actually almost identical to the old one. In the Everlane photos, the sample-size model is wearing a size 6 when she would probably usually wear a 2, so they're clearly sizing up intentionally. I ordered it in a 2 (my usual size though my old one is actually a 0, so this is looser) and 4 (to size up). I thought a 6 would be too oversized.

I haven't done anything clever with the sleeves -- rolling them might help -- but I'm curious if you think there's a way for me to achieve the more oversized look, or if I should stick with the size 2 for a loose but not huge effect. I might even try the 6 at the store when I go in to return things today -- sometimes going allll the way up works better than halfway oversized? My best oversized shirt is actually a men's small that's quite roomy in the shoulders.

I included three stock photos from Everlane for reference. Then the next pics are the smaller size (2) and the final set are the larger (4). I'm reluctantly sharing photos of the full length mirror in my dark, messy room to show the shirt in context.

Edited to add: size 6 in white. They had just sold the last pink one in the store. I didn’t buy this one but useful for size comparison. Also, I suspect the fitting room mirrors are intentionally slimming.

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