Recent posts about outerwear reminded me of some great ideas
I saw on a TV show a while ago. The show is “Your Grandparent’s War”, where different British actors are featured with interviews and about their grandparents’ experiences during WWII. I highly recommend this series;  it’s fascinating, sobering, and very well put together. Google it if you are

One episode features Dame Kirstin Scott Thomas, who’s grandfather
was a British Naval Officer. She lived in France for most of her adult life and definitely has a French fashion sensibility.  The episode she’s in takes place mostly outdoors, often on Naval ships or near them.

 Her 2  outfits included a shirt or top of some type, lightweight puffer jacket, slim fleece vest, topped by a waterproof or windproof top layer. Sometimes a knit hat, and often what appear to be silk scarves in prints. Jeans or dark pants and boots. It was the jacket layers that caught my eye.

Photo #1 Yellow raincoat, black puffer, cream vest.  Worn with skinny jeans and wellies and a silk scarf in primary colors. This photo does not show the layers well but I saw them during the show

Photo #2 Navy raincoat, red puffer,  

Each one has dark and bright colors, mostly solids with some prints in scarves/shirts, sometimes some white/cream. This seems a fabulous way to go for climates or seasons where a heavy coat is not needed. There is a lot of interest in each outfit.  Don’t know if it’s her own style or that of the show’s stylist, but the color combinations are nice and nothing is too bulky.  Casual but polished. Great for travel if your style is a bit sporty/casual; lots of options. In my experience waterproof outerwear is also pretty wind-resistant.  You could even do two different versions and
get even more options all together.

DH has been doing this for years. He has never owned a true winter coat but instead layers a fleece jacket, a lightweight puffer, and a
waterproof outer layer. He runs super warm and does this in deep winter too. He has one basic set for out-and-about and another older one for working in the yard (which he does year round) or running the snowblower like he’s doing today. The system works really well for him

the first 3 finds are pieces I could order today to copy Scott-Thomas’s exact yellow jacket outfit

Finds 4 - 6 set are 3 pieces in my closet today that create this look.  Photo #3 shows this outfit.   Much less color contrast than Scott-Thomas's outfit; I like the higher contrast better. 

I bet we have fabbers who already do this would love to see and hear your thoughts.

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