Happy Wednesday lovely ladies!

As most of us are given to a reasonable amount of outfit analysis and thinking about fashion, I found myself thinking how much I was liking my outfit today (which unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph this morning), and as I dissected it, I realised I am wearing my three favourite labels today.

Items are below in finds.

Outfit started with my EF Harem Pants, then Metalicus top and Motto jacket.

I LOVE how these brands marry so well!

I have found that my Metalicus and Motto pieces are so easy to mix and match. They are different but share a particular aesthetic, I suppose, that makes it all work.

So I wondered how well your favourite/'go to' labels work together. I am guessing they do but are there cases were what you like from one brand is so different to another that they just don't correspond (is that the right word?)