Totally nailed it - and it looks good on you! I love the Chanel look, but I don’t look good in it. I look frumpy.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! You really nailed it!

Wow, great outfit creation session !
I think that the outfits are 'very Chanel' and you look amazing in them.
Thank you for sharing.

Great styles all around. I haven’t seen the golden jacket. It is very glamorous.
The pinstripe pants are another favourite.
Glad you had some fun with these.

Well! All this gorgeousness certainly lifted my spirits. Thanks!

Yes, what Karen said! This has such an artistry too it, but yet they are all totally wearable for more upscale settings ... just fabulous! The cream jacket ones are my favorite; BEYOND chic.

Gorgeous outfits! You have an amazing ability to make the Chanel style look very YOU and not a kind of costume (like it sometimes does on others).

What The Cat said. I see the inspiration but it is within your style.

Yes I have been crying a fair bit - not for me, but for others....times are hard for so so many.

Thanks again everyone. It lifts my spirits to talk to you all around the world.

And thanks Sally. I’ve been thinking of you. I read that NZ has gone into full lockdown. We are not quite there yet. I’ll PM you.

Hey, I'm doing research into 90s vintage fashion and came across a SS95 catalogue/lookbook with Claudia Schiffer photographed in it (I've got an image but can't seem to upload it, so added a link to it on etsy). Does anyone know to give some background information on it, like where it originated from - was it sold back in the day? or is it more exclusive (i.e. handed by Chanel to distinguished guests at a fashion show - that would be amazing and super valuable to me). Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes!!