Hi all

I did a little outfit creation session for an hour or so today. It was nice to do something other than fret about the virus.

I decided to do a Chanel themed thing. I love Chanel. But there are issues.

First, there’s the price.

Second, my attempts at a Chanel look often lean too “lady like”. Something about the combination of tweed, jersey, pearls and lots of white. I love it on others but it doesn’t always feel like “me”.

But I do enjoy trying to incorporate a bit of Chanel inspiration in my look.

Step 1: I pulled out everything in my closet that’s suitable for A/W wear and has a Chanel(ish) vibe. I decided to concentrate on the pinstripe pants that I bought last year, because I am really looking forward to wearing them again.

Step 2: Make up. First time in 2 weeks (sooo much has happened since then).

Step 3: As per Angie’s suggestion, I put on some music. I went with Kylie in the early 90s. (Think “Better the Devil You Know”. Happy times for me.)

Step 4: Let the experimentation begin!

The remaining photos show some of the outfits that I came up with interspersed with some of my inspiration pictures. Nothing new, just new combinations. Hopefully I will be able to wear some of these out in June (let’s be optimistic).

Do the outfits look Chanel(ish)? Do they look “like me”?

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