I haven't had a lot of time to think about clothes since this whole mess began, but I took today off work and decided one of the ways I would treat myself would be with an outfit creation session.

I bought these jeans a few months ago, but I've struggled to wear them.

My biggest issues are footwear and the cuff.

I think in a previous life I would have worn these jeans with a pointy toed boot with a bit of a heel. The sturdier shoes my feet demand haven't felt quite right.

I also haven't yet figured out the wider cuff I see many wearing. I've toyed with it here, and also with a narrower, double rolled cuff. It's what I'm more accustomed to with a skinny, but I am not sure about it on this wider leg. Will appreciate all feedback on what might work here.

  1. This is a bit aspirational because I'm a bit too rolly in the middle for the white tee. But I wanted something springy and simple with the yellow Docs.
  2. Navy striped tee and camel topper. Topper looks less pink IRL. Yellow Docs for fun.
  3. I pulled out a pink H&M knit top I hardly ever wear and paired it with a favourite scarf that has sadly been a bit of an orphan. I love its mix of cream, orange, yellow, pink...Makes me happy.
  4. I think this BR Outlet boyfriend blazer is going to need its own session. I thought it would be great with jeans, but I'm not so sure if these ones re right. Veering into frumpy territory?
  5. Swapped in my black Blunnies and a simple black tee to see if that would help the blazer feel a bit better.
  6. Long cardigan and black tee
  7. Green cardigan as my only pop of colour
  8. Imagining warmer weather, I tried a new cardigan over a closet orphan sleeveless blouse
  9. Orphan blouse with green cardigan. I'd wear the green cardigan every day if I could... It's so happy! Tried the narrower double roll cuff here. Thoughts?
I'll feel better in these jeans when I get down a couple of pounds, but I think the items I added to my closet in anticipation of spring are going to make them a lot more wearable for me.

Thanks for looking. All suggestions and constructive comments welcome!

Now all I need is somewhere to go.:-)

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