Dear friends,
I was thinking about Angie’s poll about puffers versus other outerwear, and how puffers are more and more taking over my outdoors outfits. And no wonder, puffers are warm, light, comfortable and pretty. But, I have a lot of other coats and jackets as well, and I would like to put them all into my daily rotation (well, suppose I go out every day, doesn’t always happen with WFH and all … lol). So, I was thinking about challenging myself to wear my different coats and jackets without repeating, as long as my wardrobe and the weather allows… I live in a relatively cold four seasons climate, often humid and sometimes with very cold winters. So outerwear is well represented in my wardrobe, from very transitional items to thick long winter coats. But I often take out one of my coats - most often a puffer, it hangs in the hall, and I wear it over and over, leaving out all the rest of the fab coats I have.
The idea is, therefore, to vary outerwear every time I go outside, and try to create outfits around coats and jackets. I am not sure, if I will be able to do this every day, but a few times a week…. The value added will be increased motivation to take walks often, when I will have the “task” to dress nicely At least that’s what I hope.

And unless you live in another climate, or going into summer right now, and unless you think the idea is silly, please, join me!
If you are a wardrobe minimalist - that is fine, too! How about winter accessories and changing them up?