What a fun wedding!

"Country elegant" to me means Ralph Lauren…gorgeous clothes with great-looking, yet sensible shoes that can walk for miles, won't sink into soft grass and won't get wrecked walking on gravel. This would include, but certainly not be limited to cowboy boots and jean jackets with a charming frock.

Yeah, the groom grew up in Oregon and went to an exclusive little college in Minnesota. I don't think he's even heard of the Southern type of country!

I have an easier time defining what country elegant is NOT. It is NOT:

- avant garde
- rock 'n roll
- high fashion
- trendy
- ostentatious/showy

I read country elegant to be "classic but please wear sensible footwear and be practical," i.e, have dressed for the weather. Country folk, no matter if high or low, are more in tune to the outdoors than city folk.

If there is a strong Western culture from ag or ranching in this Oregon community, it could also mean dressy cowboy boots for the men along with custom-made bolo ties.