For those wondering where I ran off to, I've spent the last several weeks preparing to interview for a job over at Microsoft along with trying to do all of my normal work. So it's been a bit hectic and I haven't been able to drop by the forums much. But! It's clearing up now and I should be back more. Just wanted to let you guys know, and say I missed you all! I've got a bunch of outfits and some shopping to share, too

EDIT to add more info (taken from below): I had my first interview loop yesterday, and it went well but they told me they want me to interview for a different group that will better fit my skills. So it seems like it will be a bit of a mini saga while we track down the right job and do more interviews (and hopefully I end up hired for something great!).

Interview outfit: black skinny jeans, white button-up, gray cropped blazer, red pumps (!), knotted champagne pearls. I'm definitely going to need help with more interview outfits, I had a hard enough time with this one! Will post it soon I hope