Recent closet organizing reports have discussed rainbow or color organizing. It’s not something I’ve ever done, and I finally figured out a big reason.

Since I organize my wardrobe by garment type, with tops hung on hangers, sweaters folded in drawers or bin, jeans folded on shelf and other pants hung in a different area, there isn’t really any rainbow to work with. Of my short sleeve tops/tees, for instance, many are gray, and a handful of navy, but then the rest are mostly one of each: pink, burgundy, royal blue, olive, yellow, turquoise, coral, purple, etc. So it doesn’t make sense to me, in the realm of keeping things in order, to arrange them in any color order at all, after the grays are together and the navies are together. The same can be said of my long sleeved tees. My button shirts are all different, varieties of plaids, a few prints and stripes. Since I don’t intermix the garment categories, there aren’t six items in the pink family, for instance, to hang next to each other.

Does this make sense to anyone?