You look fab in the orange dress, and it looks really chic with the camel colour accessories. I was one who voted for you to get orange over navy, and was clearly correct In Bulgaria a typical breakfast pastry called Banitsa is phyllo pastry with feta cheese, and at this time of year the cheese is replaced with pumpkin. Yummy!

Oh and Yes I can definitely relate to the need for a gold pair and a copper pair of aviators. I actually have a gold pair with brown lenses and then a semi-rimless pair with pinkish-blue lenses. And then a cerise rimmed pair.

I love the orange dress, and the white Birkies are so versatile.

As for pumpkin, we eat a lot of it. When my son was little, he loved it so much that when we brought one home (for decorating), he patted it and said, "Yum, yum!" I make pies, a version of sweet-potato pie (can be made with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, butternut, acorn and other squashes), soup and plain whipped as a vegetable, but the seeds have always been my favorite part. My family's favorite part is pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.

Butternut is the pumpkin to rule all pumpkins!

Both outfits looks great Sally. I particularly like the orange combined with the tan and camel shades.

Love your orange dress! I saw it in our local Trenery window. I voted orange!
I love pumpkin soup or roast pumpkin salad which we often make. Re Halloween-I didn’t hear the interview on the radio as I had stopped driving by the time it was on, but they were going to interview a Wiccan who was going to say that NZ should celebrate Beltane instead as that is a pagan Spring festival rather than an autumn one which Halloween is. When I was still a churchgoer ( which I haven’t been for many years) there were indeed concerns about the pagan roots of that festival. The idea of a Spring festival instead does make theoretical sense in the Southern Hemisphere but people are used to the date of 31 October. I’m not concerned either way!

Great outfit and the dress is especially good! We eat a smaller form of squash that is sort of a mini-pumpkin and do not carve at all, although one DD is interested in doing so. Usually roasted, sometimes in soup.

Love the orange dress, the elbow sleeves are very nice!

I am a big fan of butternut squash, I love them roasted with a nice salad or even as a soup with sage, yummy!

Another vote for butternut! Our fave is butternut squash risotto with sage and parmesean. YUM

Sal, you look really super in pumpkin colours.

I’m late to the party on this one. Butternut squash soup is my favourite. Pumpkins are more for caving for me. But I’m also uneasy about Halloween.

An amazing Gandalf outfit and absolutely stunning pumpkins CardiffGirl!

Thanks all for chiming in. Whilst it is spring here I will be making some pumpkin recipe soon (they store well and and are available all year).

I think risotto will be first on the list.

I think orange being a good colour is a clue you are warm toned - I don't take colour theory for people too seriously but orange is about as warm as it gets. Although I think oranges that lean to the coral are quite versatile.