I was interested to read that many people won't wear orange and blue is a favourite. I love orange, but find it is a tricky colour for me. When I select the right tone, it is a great colour on me, but slight variations in tone make a huge difference.

In contrast, most shades of blue are easy and just work on me. So whilst there is more blue in my wardrobe than orange - the orange pieces feel more special and I am always thrilled to find another item in orange that I can wear.

The right shades of orange tend to be clear and bright and even better if they are close to red or pink. For me it is worth the effort of finding those elusive orange pieces, as orange is a colour that I love to wear as it makes me feel bright and happy when I wear it.

I love finding a print with orange in the mix and the two dresses on the bottom are representative of orange with a pattern working for me. The orange patent pumps are firm favourites.

Orange and yellow are similar for me, I love wearing them, but need to be careful about getting the colour right in order to make them work for me.

I would be interested to hear if this is a common issue with orange, especially for others..