My favourite colours! Sam is so cute. He looks like a great companion, full of vim and vigour.

Angie- You rock those looks and brighten everyone's day in so many ways. Thanks for sharing. Keep dancing!

Pain relief is beautifully apparent - congratulations, and good job doing the hard work to get there.
Glad you are taking Angie days.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Excellent pattern mix!

Happy dance for your progress! Loving the outfit - I am still astonished at how talented you are at mixing windowpane, polka dots and color. Eye candy for me and my fav red color to splash things up!

Pretty outfit. Love the pattern mix.

Thanks The Cat and Helena!

Smittie, Sam is extraordinary and incomparably therapeutic

Laurie, Mtnsofthemoon and Eliza, thanks for your ongoing gracious words.

Looking at the finds, I would never guess how fab they look worn together. Glad to see you are back to twisting and shouting.

Great to see you twisting and shouting! Yeah!

I've named the Viking kittens Headbite Mousersson and Ketchup the Red.

Great outfits , I like the combinations and I love the short jacket. But, more importantly I am really happy that you can twist again!

Thanks for the kind words, and giggles ladies

Gorgeous outfit, Angie! I love the subtle pattern mix and the red! SOOOOO glad you can move with ease and joy again! What a boon.

So glad to read you are moving without pain!
I adore that polka dot top and Sam is as cute as ever.

Love this look, Angie. And the red jacket.....Swoon!

Happy to hear that you're on the mend.

Thanks so much sweet Suz and Karie, for always being flawlessly gracious.

Nr 18 is my fave, love your mix of bigger dots and grid + and patriotic colors, hair is more than fab, too! YalwaysLF Angie!:-)

Thanks for the sweet words, Marilyn and Lyn67. You are always so nice!

OMG! Angie, unbeknownst to me, I purchased the exact pants you are modeling when I was in Seattle this winter. How wonderful! Inadvertent twinsies! This made my day.