Lovely outfit. The yellow skirt looks fab with the blush top. It is an unexpected color combination that works very well.

Wow! Your bright outfits always make me smile, Angie. Don't take this the wrong way, but when I see your bright citron, I imagine that I would need my sunglasses if I encountered you on the street! I love that sweatshirt--just perfect, message, colors and all!

Beautiful and bright ! I love how you create these great outfits every single day. I see that CEO Sam is still keeping looking out for the company, he is really adorable.
I also find skirts and sweater a nice lounge wear alternative but here it is still too cold to be comfortable without resorting to hosiery which I don't want to wear around the house.

Lovely colours!

I think that skirts and dresses are often underrated as loungewear.... When my co-workers comment on how "dressy" I am since I regularly wear dresses, I tell them it's like wearing a nightgown to work!

Thanks so much for the kind words, ladies. You're all sooo nice

Go Team COMFY Skirts! I hope you find similar incredibly comfy and fun skirts, Suz and Lisa P. You shan't look back....

Joy, OH NO. Snow in May is for the birds, Hang in there

Inge, LOVE MY MUGS, sweet friend!

Sal, you are thoughtful.

Laura, send hubs to the grocery store!

Jussie, great to see you chime in.

Bijou, Jaime and Suntiger, buzz cut averted.....

Sharan, good thing sunnies are stylish

Love this pink and yellow combo and vegan hot dogs sound wonderful. I've been busy with long walks and yard work but am taking the day off today. I decided to play in my closet instead and tried my olive safari dress with different boots but decided on sandals for this warm spring day.

bonnie! Let's see that cute look. Love that you were messing around in your closet.

Angie: It was fun! Need to do this more often.

Bonnie, KILLER look. I can see it look fab with your sandals!

Not sure about these sandals but they work for the weather today.

Love that touch of velvet! It's funny; I'm suddenly craving dresses with I rejected before the quarantimes because they were "too dressy"...Go figure! And now I have to keep everything nursing friendly, which means only purpose built nursing dresses are an option and the selection isn't great. I did just order a couple, though, so I'll be scratching my casual dress itch soon!

As a dress girl I feel your need for more skirts. I am definitely looking for dresses. I went to order one earlier and when we checked out I was gone.
I will find more,
You look gorgeous as always!

Jenava, dresses and skirts can be sooooo comfy.

Debbie, it's LOVELY to see you chime in. I miss you. Lets look at dresses and skirts together