##4, 6, 17, 20: Sam makes the perfect accessory for your outfit. His colors help sooth and smooth the effect of the bright colors and patterns. Lucky dog to be so useful.

I do love that swishy skirt. Yearning for a similar one that fits my body.

That coat is just perfect lemony goodness!

Thank you all soooo much for the awfully kind words! They make me smile, and I very much appreciate that. Sam too

I've had a hectic morning - on the phone to the Netherlands and London for 3.5 hours sorting things out for my Dad - so I'm rushing to finish other things that were left unattended. Back later.

*virtual hugs*

What a great way to channel your love for your dad! It must be so hard to have to be distanced from him right now, but you know he knows how much you wish you could be beside him. Keep your chin up and wear your love in your outfits.

Thanks, sweet Gaylene. My chin is UP!

Not good if you're sparing, Ange' !

Cee, I'm going with good! It's been a hectic day

Keep your head down and your gloves up !!

...and carry a tyre iron !!

Wow--wonderful dad-inspired outfit, Angie! I love the bright color on you, and I can see why the skirt is a favorite. Fun and flattering. Good to hear Sam the CEO has a mind of his own--you need a CEO with a clear vision and priorities.

Cheerful colours. Pretty, spring-ish outfit. Hope your father gets to see it. Warm thoughts to both of you.

Just an additional thought: I am sure your green glasses would also look great with this outfit.

It is a lovely outfit and reminds me of daffodils. I love the OOTD posts! Thank you Angie!

Wow. Talk about brand consistency: your cheery outfit even goes beautifully with the vase in the back ground of one of these photos! Glad your bright clothes help brighten your spirits. xo

Thank you all SOOO much for the awfully kind words, ladies. You make me smile in these awfully stressful times. Much love. xo