It’s been wonderful to see your daily outfit posts. Refreshing and energizing amidst all the chaos. You look lovely Again today, I love that J Crew jacket! So bright and beautiful. I have a birthday gift card to use from J Crew - going to check out their website today and (hopefully) find something nice! I was sorry to hear of their bankruptcy, they were always one of my favorites.

Thank you all very much for the awfully kind words and good wishes for Dad. They are most appreciated!

I had a good night's sleep and the world looks better today

Super cute, as always, Angie! I love the long red line of the placket on the blouse--very striking! Sorry to hear about your modeling break, but I guess you deserve a break sometimes. Ha!

LOVE your shirt and jeans. Thinking of you and sending a hug your way, times are stressful with a parent far away .

Your outfit is pure fun and so cheerful! OMG the photo of Sam sneak peeking from behind the pillows just melted my heart. Best wishes for your dad and for brighter days right around the bend.

Thanks for all the cheery photos of you and Sam during this time. I'm hoping all will be well with your father and your family -- it has to be difficult to be far away.

Ah, Angie, I am so sorry for these ongoing complications and hope your dad can be made comfortable and safe.

You look gorgeous in that lovely blouse and trendy jeans. Every one of your outfits is a delight

I am sorry about things with your Dad.
My total focus on this outfit is that blouse. The color, the cut everything is impeccable. Absolute perfection!

I'm so sorry about your Dad, I hope it's going to work out alright.

Your outfit posts have been inspiring. You are a pro and a bright light too. I want to see all of these outfits in a coffee table book. SIPStyle.

I will miss your smiling face and cheery fashions; thank you for sharing these happy images with us, during the difficult past weeks. Best of luck with your sweet father. xo

Thank you Angie. Your posts have been really fun and inspiring. And a little intimidating. So much style in one person
Please enjoy having a break. I hope you are able to sort things out with your dad soon.
And you look grand finale fabulous of course!

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Sending so much love to you and your lovely Dad. xx

** Healing vibes sent to Dad-of-Ange and siccing Viking Samusson Platypus Mauler onto all illness causing bugs for good measure ! **

You are all SOOOOO nice! THANK YOU very much. These supportive words - and making me chuckle - make a difference

*virtual hugs*

Things continue to be tricky with Dad, but I've had two relatively good nights sleep, and am lucky to have an incredible support structure, and my sweet Dad too. Onward we go!

Angie - your outfit posts are one of the few silver linings of the COVID world. Hugs to you and your dad. Remember that while you can't make his situation perfect, you are making it better - and that is important and something to take joy in.

Love this look! The red printed top and cuffed jeans ideally match! The neon jacket seems to be too bright for me. In love with eyeglasses!

Karen13, thanks for the wise words. I will remember that!

I love your outfit posts, Angie. That silk top is gorgeous.
I hope your dad will be OK and you can see him soon. You are such a good daughter.

JP, thank you. What a sweet thing to say. Really hoping my Dad will be okay too. I'm positive....