Love your happy coat- but surprised it's still cold enough to wear it! Sorry to hear about the stress with your dad, and wish you could go visit! Hugs...umm...namaste

Sending good vibes for the situation with your dear dad — that must be so challenging.

You are a ray of sunshine. Love those jeans!

Love it, Angie! As always, such a comfort and an accomplishment to have a wardrobe that supports you in less than perfect times.

Darned distance! It makes things so much more difficult right now. Hugs to you.

By the way he’s looking at you, I’m guessing your newly appointed CEO seems to approve of rainbow glitz. Whew!

WOW. Thank you all soooo much! Sam and I are blushing.

Soooo many therapeutic, wise, and kind comments. I’m in awe. I appreciate the odd you're giggle you're creating too

Thank you for the good wishes and empathy for my Dad. I am staying positive. I know many of you have similar worries about old parents, and some are as far away as mine. Hang in there. One day and challenge at a time. We will get there.

Oh, Jaime, MIL is in NY. Very stressful. I hope she is being looked after by the community. Much love. xo

Taylor, HIGH FIVE. You get it!

Suntiger, unfortunately Seattle Springs are cold

I understand your situation as my mother is also across the ocean by herself. We are all doing our best and will get trough this together.
Big hugs for your dad ,we are also thinking about him.

Outfit wise, it is a treat as always.Your positive attitude and your fabulous outfits(and your meals on instagram) are a bright spot on this world.

So much gorgeousness. Your rainbow brightened my day. I continue to adore those jeans on you. They might be my favorites!

Hugs, strength and healthy thoughts to you and all of YLF, and our loved ones near and far. So hard right now.

Sending you positive vibes and prayers for your dear dad. I cant imagine how challenging and frustrating it must be to be so far away from loved ones. Waving to my sweater twin. Its one of my favorites. And those jeans are hands down my FAVORITE! So unique and you ROCK them so well! We will all get through this together....big hugs!!

Celia and Karen13, thanks for being so nice.

mtnsofthemoon, you are as gracious and sweet as ever. Waving and elbow bumping back

It looks like Sam is questioning your judgement:-)
You look beautiful. Those jeans are fabulous.

It’s so difficult trying to help our parents in these circumstances. Ours live close and it is hard, cannot grapple with trying to do it long distance. I hope you got your concerns resolved in a satisfactory way that gives you all a measure of peace.

Sorry to hear about the stress you are under as you tend your father from afar. I’m sure your loving. creative, resourceful and smart self bring much to the table; it is hard to feel like anything is enough now.

Love your cheery outfit; you lift our spirits as well as your own. Always inspirational, Angie.

Tina and Eliza, you are both sooooo sweet and lovely. Thank you so much!

Perfect outfit for taking on the challenges, Angie. I love the stripes and the rows of buttons. Sending good wishes to you and your family.

Sharan, thanks for being you

That yellow coat just made my day, so bright and happy and optimistic <3

You look adorable, as always

Love the stripes! And the Furla! Delish!

I am pleased you have a brother who can share this with you, Tough times indeed.

Thanks sweet Cindy, and sweet Jane

Sending good thoughts in the general direction of Papa Angie and all those who care about him.

I know you have a not-that-different situation on Greg's side, and I do wish you both the most peace and calm right now.

You and I are polar opposites in our reactions to color (me: AAAH! you: BRING IT!) and sleepy, soft music (me: BRING IT! you: AAAH!) but we are in agreement on this particular issue. (Maybe - your papa adores you and my parents don't really care for me. But I worry nonetheless.)

April, HIGH FIVE to horses for courses, and mutual respect

Angie, I'm so sorry to be slow on this one. Somehow missed it! I do hope you've resolved the situation with your dad. How hard it is to be far away and to need to coordinate from a distance. You look adorable in these golden oldies!

Suz, you're not slow! You are as gracious and kind as ever. THANK YOU.