Love the trousers!! Super cute with your blouse and pearls (and slippers;-) Your hair is growing fast (but you'll look just as fantastic as it continues to grow, you can pull off any length!)

Hi Sammy!!

You look great, Angie. I LOVE the trousers and hope to get a pair! They look fun and comfy. Top is really pretty too. (As for Sam, he is ever-adorable). It's great to see you in your work-from-home attire. Thanks for that.

Looking great as always, seems that nothing can stop you. I am trying to zoom to see what have you done with the belt?

Angie, you and Sam are so cute! Your hair is looking fine. Yes, this no-salon thing is going to be a challenge. A fun one, though, and among the least of our concerns, right?

Fabulous pants! I’m very tempted. Thanks for sharing them in action!

Looking fun and fabulous...Sam too !

The trousers are really nice. I love the fit and style !

A breath of fresh air indeed, and I bet Greg appreciates the effort you put into looking the way you do at home. I know my husband and I have an unspoken "rule" about getting dressed first thing in the morning . I don't want to see him unshaven and in sweats, and I accord him the same respect. Love that sweater - super cute !

Thanks so much for the awfully kind words, compliments, and giggles. They are therapeutic. Sam thanks you too. You are all soooo nice.

La Ped, I knew you’d like this since the look bleeds into the early ‘90s. Cute wide crops

Smittie, Pretty Utility is a fab description!

Suntiger, YES. I have olive eyes. I don’t like wearing olive close to my face though……

Zaeobi and Style Fan, you have a keen eye. Our home decor is a mix of Scandinavian Modern, and Asian antiques. We have been collecting for decades from our travels.

Jaime, Firecracker and Inge, we’ll be comparing notes on our imminent bobs soon. HAHAHAH. It’s just hair. We will get through it

Joyce, Sam is SOOOO happy to be with us all the time.

Suz and Preppy Pear, I got the pants in tan too. I LOVE the silhouette. They fit perfectly. I bet you will like them too. Very soft and comfy despite the woven fabric. The fabric is sueded.

Lisa P, I appreciate that Greg has always been very complimentary of my style. I like your “unspoken rule” with hubs!

anchie, here is a close-up of how I tie the belt. Very '80s.