Love it all and you glow in citron and Sam!!! You make life a joy and it shows in what you wear and how you style it. I love this outfit and the pearls, of course. That's a very good point on wearing rings, since hand washing, sanitizing and moisturizing are a constant. Hey, you even look beautiful with a Clorox wipe and your smile is contagious. LOL!

Thank you for the therapeutic comments. Lots of affectionate elbow bumps!

Always fun to see your cheerful outfits and your cheerful face! Your hair looks GREAT!

Loving your work from home outfits! Inspiring and your sense of fun in the photos made my day that bit more sunny x

Aww Sam And love the citron coat! My yoga teacher said we should namaste instead of elbow bump

Thanks so much for the kind words and giggles, ladies!

NAMASTE to all of you