You look absolutely radiant! How great is your skin!

And I have light blue sneakers and also find them versatile.


Is Sam getting ready to hold a staff meeting?

Thanks, sweet Sal. Go Team Wide Crops!

Rachy, YES. The CEO is prepping....

Wonderful! Such a treat to have you post a daily outfit!

How did I miss such an upbeat post? You glow. Sam make me smile.
I also have my sunglasses fog up when wearing a mask and will try the suggestions. I also read but have not yet tried washing the glasses in shaving cream to keep them from fogging.

Smittie and Joy, you are lovely.

Shaving cream!

I like the fluffy blue jacket best but both jackets look great with the yellow.
Keep posting the Outfit of the Day.
I really look forward to these posts.

Awwh, madeline. You are sweet.

It's great for avoiding scurvy !

Angie, I'm sorry to hear that the methods I suggested for preventing glasses from fogging up when wearing masks didn't work for you. If I hear of any other methods that others haven't already posted here, I will let you know. It is SO irritating (and potentially dangerous if driving or riding a bike) when your glasses fog up.

I suspect that glasses will be less likely to fog when the weather gets warmer and warm moist air is not hitting cold glasses.


Jasmine, thanks for trying! You are very sweet.

Joy, EXACTLY. That's the problem. The humidify hitting you specs.