Whooo hoo!! SUMMER!!

You look stunning in that dress, Angie! I strongly considered ordering it myself but then decided it just would not get enough wear this summer (sob) and I have a similar dress from last year that I love...so....

I truly love both looks on you. You're always polished and fresh looking. And isn't this heat fantastic?!

What a treat seeing you in a sleeveless dress. You look elegant (dress, pearls) + fun (sneakers). And your picnic outfit looks great too.
Sam looks very interested in your lunch. I hope you shared ...

Lovely classic trendy outfit, Angie.

Two wonderful outfits. Picnics with dogs is always so much fun, Sam just gets cuter every day.

You look fantastic in sleeveless. Go team polka dots! Love everything else about this dress too. The fit, length, color, neckline, styling. Both outfits great examples of trendy classic combos. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much, Taylor, Joy, Anne, ChristelJ and Bijou!

Jaime, the picnic blanket - and my super power - prevented grass stains

Suz, love our recent steamy Summer days! 33C yesterday, and I'm a happy camper. And that's one of my favourite dresses on you.

Brooklyn and Bijou, I am on Team Sleeveless Dress with you! And rest assured, we shared burgers with Sam

Sal, thanks for the kind words and fun challenge. Most of my outfits combine trends with the classics, so I could have overloaded the forum posting them. But will spare the forum that - hope you find your polka dots!

I can't believe I almost missed this!!
What a stunning dress, Angie, and re-tailored to perfection. I love the modern retro neckline and elegant vibe. Works so great with your pretty pearls too. Love your picnic outfit as well!

That dress is so great on you, Angie. Boden should pay you every time you wear it.

You look stunning in that dress!

Nice to see you chime in Inge, MsMaven and Debbie! Thanks for the gracious comments as always.

Love to see you making the most of summer, Angie. Polished, never precious. Great hair is part of trendy, classic you. Wonderful that you have gone for maintaining and enhancing your sense of style, even through Covid 19.

I have to live vicariously through you and the lovely Boden items. Unfortunately, everything arrives too long for me-sleeves are too long, dresses & pants too long, and even their t-shirts need to be shortened about 3" unless I want to wear them with leggings. I still manage to pour over the Boden catalog though!

I missed your OOTD and this is another treat. Both outfits are fabulous and you look so polished and energetic as always. Dress fits you perfectly, it was worth doing the alterations.

You look absolutely radiant!

Eliza, you are so nice! I appreciate your ongoing positive comments.

hbeaver, have you tried Boden petites?

Anchie and Nemosmom, thank you! Soooo worth the alterations.

You continue to look so glam even in the face of a pandemic,much respect!

That's kind and gracious, Cardiff girl. Thank you!

Wow, that is a true modern Audrey dress and look- love the bright chuncky white sneaks and the pearls to it, and sure the back is doing a BIG difference to all the other Audrey dresses! Then, you just killed me with your crisp picnic outfit-you look so seriously stylish and Sam is so cute, of course! Thanx for posting these, always a feast to see your fab outfit!!

oh, Lyn67. Thanks for being so gracious.