What a fun spring outfit. I love the asymmetrical shirt and it looks great with the lemon jeans. Yoga and walks with Sam sound like a wonderful way to de-stress. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Your sunny posts and all that yellow have been a very cheering part of my days even though I haven’t been commenting on each one individually.l too have parents and family far away so understand what the stresses that this can bring at this time.We can only do what we can do so be kind to yourself,look after that back and stay safe.

You look wonderful.
I like how you combine colours and patterns. I really think your style is beyond the trends.

The lemon jeans remind me of Italy.

You and Sam are too cute. Blue and white stripes go perfectly with lemons!

Hugs to you, Angie - I know how difficult it is to have loved ones need our care and not live nearby.
You look perfectly charming in that oversized shirt and lemon jeans! You’re making lemonade out of lemons for sure.

A quick thank you for ALL your kind comments. They are beautifully good for the soul, which boosts the immure system. I really appreciate the awfully sweet wishes for my Dad too.

I am having a personal day so am off the forum, but will be back tomorrow to reply more fully. xo

So glad to hear that you are finding ways to help your sweet dad. I'm sure he misses you terribly.

Oh! Loving all the bursts of yellow lately in your outfits!! Hair is looking lovely as well!

Thank you so much for your fun outfit posts that make me smile and admire the way you care for yourself. Your are positively influencing women world wide! Big hugs!!

Thank you all SOOOO much. It’s awfully comforting reading your sweet and gracious messages. I appreciate it more than you know.

(((Virtual hugs))))

Joy, I’m sorry to hear about SIL. Sending healing thoughts.

UPDATE: My Dad is back at home, and sounds stronger today.