That's a beautiful dress. They should be able to fix it tho.

The saga continues...LOL

I got a call today from a mystery number in Illinois. They left a message, and it turned out to be a Nordstrom out there that had the dress in their location in the size I tried to order. A very nice SA chatted with me and packed the dress up to send to me. So...we will try this again! After all this, it will be almost funny if it ends up looking horrible on me. ;-D My weight is up again right now, so I don't have high hopes. But hey, let's give it a shot!

What a riot! At least you'll get to try it.

Waiting with bated breath!

This dress has so much potential, Janet! Be THE ONE who is the proud owner! :-J

Oh wow, talk about a mistake! I actually had a few NAS items this year that took too long or simply never arrived so I had to cancel the order. It didn't appear that they were as on the ball as well as they used to be in previous years with fulfilling online orders.

I can't wait to see how this story turns out!

Thanks, ladies!

I really don't want to get my hopes up about this dress (dresses are so hard for me!), and I haven't even seen it anywhere in person yet, AND it's pricey even at sale price, but I'm so curious about it. It may be anticlimactic...

Well, the saga draws to an end. The dress arrived while I was home working, and I rushed to try it on.

It *fits* per se. And yes, it is cut VERY small but with a lot of stretch. The fabric is very lightweight, but also clingy.

Sadly, it really seems to highlight he hip/saddlebag issue I have -- I included the last photo with no angling to the camera and my arm not obscuring my low hip so you can see the full effect.

But even more frustrating: when I walk around even just a little bit, it hikes up my legs and hips so the hem rides up above my knees in no time. I would be constantly pulling it down if I were to ever try wearing it.

Perhaps that problem wouldn't be an issue for someone with slim hips, but alas, that is not me. Especially right now since my weight is up a little.

So...the verdict is return. Onward!

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Thanks for showing it, Janet! It's too bad the dress doesn't work for you, because wow, that print is gorgeous on you, and I love the sheer sleeves. The things you are pointing out would be non-starters for me, too, so I understand. Even if it looks fab in the photos, you've got to FEEL fab in it.

Too bad it doesn't work for you because the color and print are great. Something else is sure to come along.

Yeah, I need to feel pretty amazing in a dress to keep it. Most of my dress purchases end up being returned for that reason. I think I now own a total of two dresses that have long sleeves and could be worn in cooler weather, and one of them is my DVF and currently a little too snug too.

This can be dispiriting, and I need to remind myself that my body isn't so freakish -- it's just a hard fit for certain garments.

It's too bad because I adore the print, and I even like the side view (but I'm generally more comfortable with my side view anyway). But the riding up is the real deal-breaker.

Totally understand and agree it would be the same for me - I just don't want cling in a dress. On to the next fab thing!

Give yourself points for perseverance ....and getting to the point of seeing it on yourself! The style is really perfect for you, maybe other versions of this dress will appear. I liked what you said about needing to feel amazing in a dress to keep it, that is great advice.

It was worth a try! Sorry it didn't work out. I also have the problem with pencil skirts that can ride up. I have nearly given up on the style, although rarely some can work. The dark florals look so great on you. If I remember right you got that amazing butterfly scarf, so I bet that is super on you. You have a beautiful, feminine figure, by the way.

As Chris says, top marks for perseverance and not giving in to something that isn't just right. Good colours though and nice fabric. But definitely best to move on.

What a gorgeous dress. It looks really great on you. I find thin clingy fabrics really unforgiving, but for future reference, a slip can sometimes smoothe things out.

It's the dress not you. When things ride up (a deal breaker for me), it's usually the fabric causing the problem. Glad you got to try it though so you won't have that FOMO feeling.

Love the dress but those problems should be deal breakers. Next.

Pretty dress but with dark florals popular now, there's bound to be another one with that doesn't have the riding up issue. I find dresses somewhat difficult too although I love wearing them--fitted dresses like this are particularly hard because they have to be just right. Gradfashionista mentioned a slip--I too was wondering if that would do the trick. Although I generally like dresses to work "as is," sometimes they need a little help.

Aww...bummer! A beautiful dress that looked to have such potential. But, if it's not a home run, then it's gotta go back

Truly gorgeous dress but ill-fitting for your perfect body--yes, it is the dress, not you!!! I actually saw one of these dresses at consignment, not a match for my body either. Thanks for sharing!

You need to show Jamie the dress before you return it.

It looks really fabulous on you. Is it worth trying it with a slip or hose to see if that helps with the riding up issue?

I agree with those that suggest experimenting a bit before returning. It's also possible it could be altered slightly (and you know Nordstrom has that yearly alteration credit for cardholders...) It looks wonderful on you so if you could solve the riding up problem...

The riding up while walking would be the deal breaker for me, too. Another dress will come along.

The print and colors look so good on you, but having to pull down your skirt as you walk would be a nuisance. I am glad you too pics to show us. I don't think anyone else purchased this dress, and I wanted to see it IRL.

Beautiful dress and I agree that it looks nice. The riding up though would be a deal breaker for me too.

You look gorgeous in this dress and I think your figure looks amazing in it. Like you, I am a slim pear shape and my thighs are actually wider than my hips, so for that reason, I never wore figure hugging dresses and avoided skinny jeans. Recently I have not seen this as such an issue... I have a few knit dresses and lots of skinny jeans and am enjoying wearing them.
However, if you are not feeling it, then the dress should go back.

Thanks for all the feedback and advice, everyone!

Angie, are you seeing something I am not in this? My eyes go straight to where it seems the dress clings to my thighs. My waist is not what it once was, so I'm feeling a bit more wary of bodycon looks.

I will try a slip to see if that helps with both the shape and the riding up issue. I fear stockings alone would only make it worse, since it's a mesh-type fabric. And I'll show Jamie when he's back home too, just to be sure. I'm in one of my phases when my weight is up (or is this just going to be my new normal? Eeek.) and I'm not loving what I see in the mirror so much, so taking that into account.