Tried the 2 slip-on shoes shown in Finds.
The J&M monkstrap looks almost right but runs too wide--so, good that is not toe-pinchy, but overall is just too generous, wide in heel. Also the burgundy color dye is a touch weird, kind of vegetable-like, not a deal-breaker but not exactly a classic cordovan. But if these had fit, I would have kept.

The Marc Jacobs was a fantasy order, in the sense that, this color is called "Pewter," and yet the online photo was bronze-gold and yet I thought, hmm, maybe it's just my monitor! Because the shape is just like my Halogen laceless oxfords which have been a wardrobe workhorse but are a kind of olive-gray so I could use a different color.Nope, it's color-blind marketers and it's very golden bronze. This is a sharp shoe with the interesting zipper-tooth detail but even if it were the right color, it's a little too pointy-pinchy (looks good, but I need more comfort) and is a bit of a "hard" shoe, not too flexible.
Thistle should try this oxford if has not already! (Waving to Thistle.)

The BR sparkly tux jacket I'm considering for holiday/dressy capsule, but it's not an instant yes--need to try on with things when I'm not pooped. I got my usual BR jacket size, and I think it's the right size, but the armholes are very high and sleeves tight, so it will not layer well (not planning bulky sweaters, but may be too tight even for a silk blouse or thin knit sleeves), may require sleeveless shell--which could work for a dedicated jacketed-outfit look ( Since cocktail dresses are so often sleeveless, I'm always looking for even a great sleeveless LBD if I could find one that looks great with dressy jackets) but I'm not sure this jacket is even then comfortable enough or I will feel squished up in it. I could order size up and just see if the style "tolerates" roominess elsewhere. But first I need to try it with dressy pants and skirts and see if the proportions work at all.