Hi, all -- my apologies for not alerting you to my recent absence. I'll post about that in off-topic!

In the meantime, I'm feeling a tad frustrated by my recent online and LOCAL orders. Here is what has happened so far.

The good and reasonably good

1. Packages from The Bay arrived amazingly promptly! In two separate shipments, but they arrived. However, I am not sure I wish to keep the items. (TopShop Finds 1 and 2)

2. Package from the Gap with the Resolution slim straights arrived and I have worn them. Also got some tank top/ camisoles in this order for wearing under things. (Find 3)

3. Package of tees from J. Crew arrived and all are winners. Have worn them all except the sleeveless already. (Finds 5-8) No wonder I keep ordering from J. Crew -- fewer duds.

4. Package from the darling Karie arrived with my Sofft Breeze sandals. The fit is perfect. However, I do not like them as much as the Bernias on my foot at all. I may end up keeping, however, due to comfort and other issues. (Find 9)

The not so good

1. I have heard a big fat nothing about the Ecco sandals I ordered from local seller. Very frustrating. How can they expect us to shop local if I could have had these faster ordering online? (Find 10)

2. Zara order supposedly was delivered on Thursday but I never got it. They are looking into it but this will take five days and in the meantime, I wanted the items for my anniversary trip with Mr. Suz (this coming weekend). (Finds 11-13)

3. I have not yet received the Club Monaco order placed two weeks ago. Spoke to them today and they expect delivery tomorrow.

4. Got the Aritzia order and I really like the items but am unsure about the beautiful blouse because my bra band (not strap) shows in the back keyhole. I do not want to go around showing my bra band. ARGH.

5. Package from BR arrived with the sleeveless linen tee -- and I love it -- but I think it is too wide/ armholes too generous, so it might have to go back! (Find 4)

Just grumbling a little bit here. I would dearly love to do more in-person shopping, but it is very difficult (for reasons you can see immediately, above.)

And I am looking forward to catching up with you all!