My very casual summer is easy, but though I have the basics of more dressy casual summer there is a bit of a problem. In my climate there is a big drop, as much as 30 degrees, from day to night. It cam be 90 when I leave my house, and by the time I get home it is 60. So I need a lighter weight topper for evening events. Not a problem when I can bring along either my white or blue denim jacket. But if I want something dressier it is not so easy. I have a couple of long cardis but they always seem to be wrong-either colorwise, or some other reason they do not seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions or what do you all do?Blazers used to work for me in cold AC office, but now for theater, dine outs, casual evening walks around the harbor after dinner, etc. they mostly do not work with any outfits.