So I saw these special edition green Birkenstocks a few months ago. But most sizes were sold out on the Birkenstock site, and Matches Fashion (I think the only retailer that had the collection) didn’t have my size.
There was the bright blue version but it didn’t appeal to me as much.
I put in a wishlist request for the green ones in my size, figured it was a very long shot.
This week I got an email that my size was in stock. So I ordered them, and impulsively bought two hats that are not wintery. I can’t see my hairdresser till the first week of July. Our county is in Phase 1.5 regarding social distancing. We’re having the usual PNW Junegloom or Juneuary, depending on your preferences. So I figured hats would hide the hair in the drizzle.
The white lace one might be hard to keep clean on the inside, along the band, but we’ll see.
I got an extra 10% off the hats due to a coupon code

It’s a bit foolish of me to shop right now, but these are kinda practical