One of the best lessons I've learned from YLF has been buying clothes
for my real life. It took me a couple of years to fully get the concept
and I still sometimes buy something I love that I don't wear often, but
overall, I've edited my closet to mostly be things that I love and
*will* wear on an everyday basis.

For example, I wear tees and soft knits a lot. I work at home for the
most part in a rural setting where I often go out in the dusty, windy
hillsides to chat with a neighbor, go to lunch, etch. I used to feel
limited because I thought I couldn't wear "better" looking clothes for
fear of ruining them. I used to buy cheap tees on sale that were boring
and all the same.

And then I also discovered graphic tees. It was this ensemble Angie
posted that started it for me.

I became very interested in this concept of a "dressy" tee. One of
those light bulb moments for me. I include tees with floral
graphics, word graphics and even tees and tanks with other
embellishments in that same basic category. Now I have at least six or
seven different graphic tees and am adding a few more. I've learned
that with the right shoes, jewelry, semi-tuck, makeup and hair, I can
look very presentable in this simple outfit combination. I can add a topper when it's cooler. And it lets me stick to what feels good on me:
tee and jeans or shorts, or tee and other casual bottom. I never have
to worry too much about messing up my tees - I mean, mostly they are all in
the $35 - 40 or often quite less price range.

What is one of the best lessons you've learned from YLF?