I set myself one more goal - to upgrade/modernize some of my wardrobe essentials, mostly shoes/bags/outerwear. I have quite a few that are old, too classic for what I want now, too sporty, or otherwise don's spark joy any longer. I still might keep some of the oldies because they could still serve a purpose. Here are some of my ideas

1. I DID just upgrade my waterproof, supportive, warm winter boots. Oldies - Ugg; New - Blondo

2. I've started using a backpack as an air travel carryon, whether I do or don't check a bag. It needs to be able to hold my laptop, and be fairly lightweight. Today I use an Eddie Bauer classic hiking backpack. Would like something like the kipling

3 These cognac woven toe loafers are fine but I want something more modern this spring.

4. My trusty baggallini black nylon hobo/cross body that I use as a default when travelling. Lightweight, zips shut, waterproof, hands-free, practical size, covers all bases. But quite sporty. At a minimum I might get one in another color but a less utilitarian style would be even better.

5. My black winter puffer that is my warmest coat is, again, "fine", but there are so many more stylish options out there. I may wait until next fall when the supply builds up again.

6. Cognac booties. super comfy, but a bit worn and tired of the western vibe.

...and overall the color palette of these basics could use some lightening, brightening, shine, sparkle, or.......