Hi All

On my long term wish list is a beautiful black blazer. I am trying to wean myself off black but it's like only one coffee a day rather than three...

I do have a black blazer which I like, I bought it second hand in 2020. It's good to wear with jeans but it's not a stellar blazer.

Is there one black blazer style to rule them all? Or is this unrealistic like the one perfect pair of boots? I want something classic to last, that works in the evening over dresses or with black pants. Do you think a blazer that worked for this need would also work with jeans and sneakers for my job?

If you were looking for (or if you own) a blazer that is perfect for you, what features should (or does) it have?

There is an excellent tailor near me that I may use to create one. Or I am open to suggestions on specific blazers too.

It's not an urgent need - this is likely to be a 2023 purchase.

Thanks in advance.