Just spent a little time in Anthro, thinking I might find a pants or skirt refresher for summer wear since we're already hitting 85 and humid here. Heavy sigh. Have I mentioned how much I hate dressing my lower half? I feel like everything makes me look heavy and dumpy. I may be doomed to wear the same old cropped Athleta black pants I wore to death last year. It gets too hot here to wear jeans all summer long. I suppose I'll grit my teeth and wear my same old shorts again. And I do have a couple of skirts that are OK. Once it gets hot, I start not caring quite so much about showing my legs, so shorts become my default.

It sucks to have the kind of body that seems to look best dressed in outfits with a lot of structure. Hot and humid summer + casual lifestyle just don't jibe well with structure.

I know that many of you share my frustration with summer dressing. Any good finds? Good ideas?