AKA summer shoe/ sandal update!

I got some things today and I have a report and a question.

First, the lovely Fryes are no good and must go back. Beautiful shoe, but does not fit my foot. Too wide at the ankle and no support. At that price, they must be perfect. So...still hunting for the white sandals, and may have to break down and order from the US after all...

Next, the Topshop Jolene shoes are a winner for me -- my arch is a bit high for them but the straps ensure support and keep them on and the fit is otherwise great. Comfortable! I don't have many opportunities to wear dressy narrow heels, e.g. my Okalas, but a dressier block heel will be much easier for me to work into my daily life and I look forward to wearing these when it warms up. At the price to got them ($70 CAD) they are a steal and a great update.

And...Ralph Lauren sandals. These are totally fab for me! In my regular size (6.5) there is plenty of room for feet to swell. They are instantly comfortable despite those narrow straps because each strap has a little elastic built in. Lightweight and flexible, with a sturdy block heel and rubbery sole to prevent slips.

My question is this: I ordered these in silver. Should I have gone for them in gold instead? (Adding the photo for comparison).

For the last two years I have had casual gladiators in pewter from Sofft. I wore them literally to the ground. The Laurens are a bit dressier in feel due to the heel and I probably wouldn't wear them with my at home shorts outfits. I also have a super casual silver sandal from Ecco. Too much silver? I do find it works well on me and I wear mostly silver jewellery.

For gold, which bookends my hair, I have a pair of Okalas for dressy wear.

I also have taupe low wedge and higher heel cage sandals.

Maybe it would help to imagine the outfits I'd be wearing? Probably with tube skirts (navy, cobalt, leopard, charcoal), white jeans/ crops, regular denim, navy sarong shorts, dresses.