I adore scarves of all types and used to wear them a lot, but stopped when my now 5 year old dogs were puppies. They were far too much of a fun temptation for two tiny fur babies with sharp little teeth! For some unknown reason, I never got back into the habit of wearing them. Thank you for inspiring me to bring them out of hibernation Katerina.

Like Jessikams, I would love it if you would share your tips on the different ways you tie your scarves!

What a treat to look at and hear about all the great scarves - so many beautiful styles! Thank you all for sharing your realationship to scarves! Very inspiring.

I'm a scarf lover too and wear one most days. My favourite one is a deep red silk with a very light wool backing, which drapes beautifully.

I love scarves and wear them frequently. I pared down my collection about a year ago, but still have about 20. Most are large squares or oblongs. My favorites are two that belonged to my grandfather. Those are both short silk rectangles that he wore over his dress coat. My new favorite is an LV that my daughter gave me.

Toban, I took some pics of some scarves I wear in the summer. Summers here are usually not extremely hot, so most of the time it works with thinner silk, cotton, linen and other light weight materials.

The first two are silk pocket squares. No 3-4 is silk chiffon longer scarfs. No 5 thin linen, no 6-8 are cotton or cotton blends and no 9 is silk twill (that is the heaviest material of these).

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I love scarves and wear them a lot. We get ultra cold and long winters so outdoor scarves are a must. Indoor scarves provide extra warmth since I run cold. I typically don’t wear them during the summer months, but I will bring one along if we are going to an outdoor spot for dinner and it’s a breezy evening. I always bring a scarf when traveling since trains and planes can be drafty.

Katerina, thanks for sharing your summer weight scarves! They are lovely. My favorite is the purple and teal. Their lighter weight fabrications make sense for summer and I appreciate that your summers aren’t as hot as mine. While scarves remain infrequent for me, it is a rare day for me to be without a necklace. I bring back necklaces and scarves as gifts (including for myself) from my travels. My mother-in-law still wears a purple scarf I bought her in France 22 years ago. She likes having her neck covered. Your summer weight scarves remind me that scarf. I enjoy the memories of many of my accessory purchases.

Jessikams and Amy Isabella, I am honored that you would like me to teach you some ways how to tie scarves. However, I am not so good at explaining it.

There are some very good online tutorials for example by FryeWilly showing many different ways to tie a scarf. I think somebody has previously already posted a link, but here it comes again:


Hope you find some inspiration there!

You are Queen Scarf, Katerina, and wear them beautifully. Such a playful, chic and retro component of your signature style. Unique, interesting and polished.

I love scarves, and have always worn them (some seasons more than others). I love Spring and Summer scarves too - cotton/linen/silk gauzy looks. Here's my current collection across the seasons:

Thank you for the link Katerina - I'm off to have a look now. I'll revisit your WIWs as well for more inspiration

So many beautiful and interesting scarves in this post. I love scarves but I don't wear them very often. I have a few scarves that I bought in consignment stores and some that I bought brand new. I have decided to stop buying scarves unless they are really amazing because they don't get worn.

Katerina, your scarf collection is amazing and I love how unique and often funny your scarves are!
I love scarves as well and often wear them to add a little fun to an outfit. My favourite ones are a dark palm leaf print silk square, a dark floral silk scarf and a bavarian print scarf.

Thank you ALL for sharing your thoughts on scarves. It is so interesting to read!

Angie, thank you for sharing your lovely collection. I especially adore the scarves with tassels! But all are really pretty and so perfect for you!

Aurore, these are great, no wonder they are your favourites. The Bavarian print is so lovely - I just must get some Bavarian scarf!

I have a crazy big number of scarves. I like how they can finish an outfit or pull in some color and pattern when everything else is very basic. I rely on them for travel to change up very simple neutral top-and-pants combinations. In fact, I’m wearing one right now for that very reason!

Sometime I should take photos of my collection. I especially tend to buy them while on my travels — in fact, I just got a skinny silk one last night at the Zadig & Voltaire outlet in Vegas. It’s the great tropical floral and guitar print that I liked so much that I tried on a dress in Munich (sadly cut wrong for my shape). So now I get to enjoy the print in my own small way.

Janet, I love how you use your scarves in your outfits, you have some really stunning pieces. I can’t wait to see your new number! How fun you found that pattern!

I have a bin of scarves for each season and one another for dressy-so you can tell I love and wear them a lot. As lisa p. said it for me "it comes from a love for textiles and prints and I can experiment with patterns and mixes and colours I wouldn't necessarily wear in a piece of clothing".
I pick them up according to my curent wardrobe's colors and level of contrast (esp. love lightweight but big rectangles, with big watercolor florals or non figurative prints and a very little bit of sparkle) and usually wear them left long to my coat's hem-but have a few infinity scarves, too.
BTW loved all your quirky prints posted (the dollar, the beast etc......:-)) but the one with the chain hardware (made in a necklace) is the best-very different!:-)

I love scarves. I could never be considered a uniform dresser..... but scarves are the closest thing to a uniform that I have.
Like Lisa p said; it’s about an appreciation for textiles. I just like fabric!
I actually tend to wear summer scarves year round, cotton mostly, occasionally silk. I like rectangles or infinity.
I find them very comforting, like an extra layer of protection, my little portable shoulder blanket.
Katerina I adore numbers 7 and 8 in your scarf pics.
For a while I even made silk infinity scarves and sold them in a shop- that was fun, I would like to start again sometime. I used different prints and solids within the same scarf, giving it an almost patchwork-y look.

I love scarves and the way they finish off an outfit. However, I have found that, now that I am in menopause, they often make me too hot. I often have to take them off during the day. Still love them though!

I have scarves and wear them a lot. My hair is short and my neck gets cold. I also like how this plain color and that plain color can be tied together with a scarf.