For quite some time now, I've lamented the lack of feminine touches in my look. Something undefined that will add prettiness without flourish, be decidedly feminine , while not compromising my fairly established style.

As I age, I've felt more "generic", even asexual in appearance (is that too dramatic and weird?) and I don't like it. I chalk it up to the vagaries of aging (duller and less firm skin) , and specifically the loss of an interesting and defining feminine/hair style. My wardrobe, especially for non-work days, lacks something I can't put my finger on, but I know it's something that adds prettiness . My look tends to be on the plain and masculine side - because I'm drawn to more modern/minimal cuts and colours. Basic jeans with sweatshirts or sweaters, and plain boots. Joggers, sweats, and athletic pants comprise my non-work outfits. It all feels like it came out of a lost and found bin. I'm wearing combat boots, basic mitts, black coats, and heavy dark purses.

The traditional accoutrements of feminine style - heels, lower necklines, frills and flounces, florals and polka dots - don't feel right, and are not even what I'm going for. In my fantasy life, I would dress all in The Row and flounce around like an Olsen. So how do I do that while still looking like a woman and not some asexual ,middle -aged grey-faced person? Not that anyone who can afford to dress in The Row can't also finance glowing skin and gorgeous hair - lol.

Another traditional marker of feminine style has also been hair - which I can't do much about at this time. More jewellery? Or , jewellery more often ? (don't wear it much on weekends any more) Prettier colours? What ARE prettier colours anyways? Nicer jeans? Like what? Prettier shoes or boots? I'm a bit stumped - and welcome any thoughts on this terribly important subject