Remember I ordered some Born Lissa boots in ink blue last winter from Nordstrom's? They arrived, but sadly (and not surprisingly) they did not fit. So I applied for a return slip and sent them back.

The day they went (via DHL) I wasn't home and Mr. Suz didn't get a piece of paper from the DHL man. But months later it struck me I had not seen the credit for these boots. Hmmm....

On a tip from Jjsloane (thanks, Jeanne!!) I realized that I could track things via my email from Nordstrom's issuing the credit. So I did -- only to discover that the boots had made it as far as the FiftyOne facility in Ohio -- and no further. No wonder I wasn't credited.

Today I called Customer Service at Nordstrom's and had a delightful chat with their representative there. She noticed another large credit on my account and asked me about it (to see if the boots had been part of that order).

No, I explained. That was an order of stuff that NEVER ARRIVED in the first place. That Nordstrom's kindly credited me for.

Ah, she said. Oh yes. Good old FiftyOne.

I asked her if she hears a lot of this.

Between you and me, said she, it is a bit of a nightmare.

At least I have the comfort of knowing I am not alone. And the credit for the boots on my account.