I realize it is an odd title, but Angie's post in the pink scarf thread regarding her wearing children's beanies got me to thinking.

My Dh and my second son have heads so large they cannot wear standard baseball caps, even on the largest extension. My son adores hats, but it is rare to find one that fits him. I joke with them about the scene from So I Married an Axe Murderer where Stuart refers to the boy's head as "a virtual planetoid...an orange on a toothpick!"

My older son has the highest arches on his feet I've ever seen on anyone. He can't wear pull-on shoes or any shoes that don't lace because he cannot get them on.

Me? I have very short arms, so sleeves are almost invariably too long on me. I would likely wear petite sizes, but I am tall in the body, so when the arms fit the body is too short.

Over to you. Do you have an odd or unusual characteristic that makes it tough to fit clothes or shoes - or even one that doesn't? I WISH my "unusual" characteristic were very, very curly hair, as I have wanted curly hair my entire life, but sadly that is not the case. I am stuck with oddly proportioned body and arms!