Dear YLF,

I had mentioned before that I was planning to have an end to my shopping season and I think I am getting there.
I am very happy to report that I bought a pair of boots, which is something I usually shy away from. I still have to buy an heavy duty Sorel type ones but they are not a pressing need.
I also bought a marvellous and fun pink coat and because there was a promotion involved I ended up buying a sweater dress and a teal blouse, which are both things that always get a lot of rotation on my wardrobe.
I also ended up buying the BR sleeveless sweater and 3 scarves just because I thought their color were a good addition to my wardrobe.
I do believe that this is enough for a good long time. Except for winter boots my intention is to only reassess shopping when Spring comes.
Meanwhile I have lots of fun new stuff to wear.

Thank you for looking.