I promise I'll get round to adding finds by the end of the year, but up to 32/36 non gear purchases and 13 gear. Many were replacements due to fit or wear.

Added in Oct:
2 swimsuits-teal, dark purple (gear). Desperately needed replacement for badly bleached out one. Needed 1, bought 2 to get free shipping.
4 tops-black raglan sweater, burgundy sweater, orange print sleeveless blouse, teal/brown "wild African bird" blouse. Sweaters haven't been worn yet, as it's still pretty warm.
1 topper-drapy black cardi, already a workhorse.
1 purse- exact (except logo) replacement for well loved MK cognac crossbody. Already a workhorse.
1 dress- dark purple RL wrap, my cold weather version of LBD for presentations, networking meetings, etc.
1 jewelry-tortoiseshell resin hoops, cause the jewelry challenge! They seemed fall/winter-ish, and go with my big gold and brown resin cuff bracelet.

Going forward priorities: tall burgundy or cognac heeled boots, a long warm coat (puffer or wool), a sweater dress or velvet dress, another pair of ponte pants.
Would also like-low contrast burgundy or brown snake booties, more velvet things, more warm colors!

My usable wardrobe size right now for 4 seasons, including footwear but not gear, is about 100. 25 or so pieces are in holding zone. I'm ok with the number, as long as I don't have wardrobe orphans or "conditional" clothes.

Next year I may revise a bit, to not include direct replacements of wardrobe essentials. Otherwise it's been a good challenge!

If you stuck around through all this- thanks