When I started the Ocean Park project, I intended to wait to buy anything until I was sure this palette and concept would work for me. But another long winter intervened. I realized that I really need 7-8 months of winter weight clothing. By the middle of January I am craving lighter colors and by April I am often trying to make inappropriate weight clothes work just so I don't have to wear black again. So I have been buying a few of the things I have put in the project collection, and some that I found but didn't quite fit the month's outfit. This is just a record of what I bought while doing my homework.

January: the Etsy scarf. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I've worn it several times. It goes well with the lightweight royal blue puffer I bought last fall. It is greener than it looks, and actually works with my olive stuff too.

February: the sweater and another sweater. I've worn the aqua colored one twice, but not the cream one. It's a little itchy, maybe I should send it back. I really like how it looks though and I really haven't had a reason to yet. I also bought the Pikolinos oxfords in denim blue. I haven't had the occasion to wear them yet, but I love them. Linen t-shirt because we went to Las Vegas and as I was packing I realized I had zero light neutral layering tees.