For a person with a pretty casual life I have an occasion wear capsule that I love.

I feel ready to tackle most occasions except for true ball wear. I have two great hats, four clutches and a decent amount of jewellery to add the extra touch.

Aside from the finds I also have 4 older options that fit but are a bit dated (plus 3-4 that are sentimental and do not fit dating from 1987-1995). I keep occasionwear forever as I love it. I also have several summer dresses that work for parties and bbq and possibly even some weddings.

I turn 50 next year and hope to have a few 50th parties to attend as my peers achieve this age. I am prepared in advance although toppers can be a challenge. The fur is great in winter, the cream jacket is good over the black sheath. I only wear the striped pleats when I don’t need a topper. At some stage a long sleeve dress or evening suit would be a good addition.

My occasionwear and gear capsules are my most cohesive. I think the pieces don’t date quickly, and don’t wear out. The pleated dress and black sheath are 2015, the lace 2018 and the jumpsuit 2019.

I would love to see others occasionwear capsules and hear about how you make them work for you.

Thanks for reading.