Hi Fabbers!
I made it to Scotland, and am freezing to death, but I've learned a few things already. First...I think I've found my sartorial look. Where in Australia I would shop and shop and never find things I really loved...I've ducked into a few shops and wanted to try on All The Things. I'm not quite settled in a place to live, so that curbed my impulses a little bit....

As far as what I'm seeing on the streets, it's mostly coats and boots. Not seeing much in the way of rounded shoulders or man coats (on the street), though there's a few in the shops. Also not seeing much white, but again, there's a little bit in the shops. Mostly water-resistant or water-proof, with hoods edged in fur (fake or otherwise). Lots of puffer coats/jackets, and some quilted ones as well. I can also see I won't make it very long without getting some boots.

I did end up getting myself a coat, too. Olive green puffer coat. It's a start, and will be warm in January/February. Possibly a quicker shop than I'd have otherwise done, but I needed a coat right away, so I didn't peruse too long.

More observations (and pictures!) to follow!