Just for interest... since a lot of us Canucks are gulping madly at the prices of cross border shopping these days.

I just tried on the Paul Green peep toe sandal that Angie mentioned in her Comfy Sandal post. At Nordstroms. On the website, they are $349 US, and sold here for $389 Can. If you go the Nordies site, the price converts to $478... PLUS duties. And shipping. A phone call to Nordies would get you the shoes sent to you for free shipping. And I'm pretty sure free returns as well.

So Canadians, write down that product number and give Nordstroms a call if you are interested in ANYTHING. If it's not part of the Canadian inventory, you are out of luck, but definitely worth a shot. Oh, and if they are out of stock in Canada, but it's part of their inventory selection, they will get it from the US and absorb the duties.

So maybe the prices aren't so bad, if you go to a little bit of effort?