So I have been loving many of the collections this year. I'm finding that since I've been evolving my style over the past couple of years, I've struggled to really pinpoint my ideal look and to find the right style descriptors. I've come up with classic, luxe, sophisticated, modern and distinctive. Seeing the collection by The Row, i was like, 'That's it! That's the woman I want to be!' and added a few more words - sumptuous, texture-rich, easy/fluid, minimal/clean, comfortable.
It was the first time I could look at a collection and actually relate it to me instead of putting it on a pedestal - even though i will likely never own these specific things, I don't need to - I can use these looks as inspiration for my style.
i also enjoyed Victoria Beckahm and Narciso Rodriguez's shows:
Also loved the one flower earring styling at Rose Assoulin.

Shows I didn't like - J Crew. i get that they were trying to push the envelope and be seen as a high fashion brand, but I think they went too far.

Thoughts? What have you loved/hated? any collections that feel 'you'? How are you aplying them to your style IRL?