Wow! It's amazing how the dress changes it's vibe worn with different neutrals around! Loved your capsule-the only one tweak would be perhaps one uni color(or sleeker, no laces?) sneaker shoe for a dressier(but still casual) look-as your other clothes are on that level, too-at least to my eyes.

My faves are 1,3,6,7 and 8. Kudos to you for a well planned travel capsule. Comfortable and chic. Sounds like a fun trip!

Thanks, Denise. I would wear those outfits, too.
Lyn, thanks for the idea. A third pair of shoes, probably black, would have been great to have along.
Thanks, Brooklyn. I went to your namesake, too, for dinner one evening.

6&8 are my favorites, Sharan, but all the outfits are fab, and it's great that the pieces work together that well.

I feel like I have a closet full of 7s at the moment, so I hear you on the power of pieces that you really love. Let us know how the sorting and planning processes go!

Another vote for 6 here! You have such a unique, artistic, architectural style that I'm sure heads were turning in NY!

This is a fantastic capsule. Beautiful silhouettes and plenty of variety. The dress is wow! I should have looked at this before I posted yesterday...