This Fall/Winter has been an amazing shopping season. I have found several HEWIs. My wardrobe is in the best shape it has been in years.

I bought two items in November. The first was a mid-calf olive puffer. I have been looking for a new olive puffer for a couple of years and I found one that ticked all the boxes. Yeah!!! I also had a gift card for Lululemon which covered some of the cost of the coat.
The second item was a hair clip. I seem to be drawn to hair accessories these days.
My total for the year at the end of November was 23 items.
Today, I bought a pair of olive winter boots. I had decided to buy black boots because that was all I could find and then I saw olive. Yeah!!! Now I have an olive hat, olive coat and olive boots.
My total for the year is now 24 items.