After taking October off from shopping, November was a larger spending month. I'm ok with this as every item, except the 2 from the Met Store, were on sale for 25% off or more. (And, I benched 21 pieces this month, so my wardrobe isn't expanding)

Most of these buys are in line with my goal of keeping to a tighter color palette, and filling holes to make my wardrobe more versatile

BR cable sweater. Navy comfy goodness. Perfect for winter.
St John twinset. Will work as a pair, but with the navy color, both pieces will mix well as standalone items.
Talbots t-neck. I'm picky on t-necks, but this one has enough looseness that I am comfortable. Good layering piece for winter.

WHBM Gray jeans. Replace a benched pair. Have already worn multiple times.
Boden Green Corduroy jeans. Fun for festive season, but will work into Jan/Feb as a solid base.
Talbots Velveteen jeans. Also good for all winter long.

Patagonia Sweater. Replaces 2 jackets that weren't working.
Boden Seacole jacket. Winter Peacoat fabness. Replaces an older winter coat that needed to go.
Avec les Filles Jacket. Late to the party on this one, but I couldn't resist when I saw it on sale at Nordstrom.

M Gemi sandals. I wanted these last summer but wasn't willing to pay full price. Great to see them on sale.
Boden Christmas fair isle. Love the lighter colors, and with Boden quality expect this to last several years.
Met Store: Durer zodiac scarf. Fun, perfect colors, planning to use in my next travel capsule.
Met Store: St Xavier clutch. A navy clutch with stars and sparkles? Sign me up! Something fun for holiday parties.