I'm not on the forum a lot these days, as I have a lot going on, but I notice many people posting updates on SYC progress as January comes to a close.

I didn't make a firm goal or commitment around adding to my wardrobe for this month, or for the year, but I am trying to be more mindful in my habits, as I mentioned on Suz's thread on this topic. I want any purchases I make to be truly useful, or to be so loved that I can't wait to wear them, and then wear them regularly. They need to work seamlessly with my existing wardrobe and be practical for my needs and my life.

I ended up adding four things in January, with a fifth under review:

1) Longchamp black pyramid sling bag. Secondhand item so a really good deal, and a fun, unusual shape, yet still very practical for my needs. Already worn multiple times and will continue to get lots of use.

2) Fuzzi butterfly print skirt. An Angie Find. I ordered it to try, since I fell in love with the style and print when I saw it. It was on sale, so not cheap but a good deal for a label that is traditionally quite pricey. I can wear this year-round -- with tights and boots in winter, and bare legs and sandals in summer. I've worn it once since getting it altered to make the waistband more comfortable, and I anticipate it will get even more wear in the warmer months when I wear skirts more often.

3) Rebecca Minkoff gunmetal nylon backpack. I saw this in Nordstrom while picking up my alteration and was smitten. I walked away but thought about it for a week before I went back and got it. I've already used it at least 7 times since then, so it's turning into a big workhorse. I have wanted a casual alternate to a black bag that isn't bright silver but a more muted metallic, and this is perfect. It's super lightweight and fun. Full price but I expect it will be fully worth it in terms of CPW down the road (even though I don't really calculate those things).

4) Mesh printed turtleneck from Anthro. An unusual piece that spoke to me. Colors are perfect for me, the fit is great, and it layers beautifully but still looks good alone, as it's not clingy. I find myself wanting tops in winter that are somewhere between knit sweaters and blouses, and this is just such a piece. I've worn it twice in four weeks, so it seems to be earning its keep.

5) Under review. Another Angie pick, and another bag, yes. But I've noticed that my old clutches are going unused and I am wanting other small but fun styles when I go out carrying less -- I really like these sort of sling/backpack type bags, and I liked the idea of a smaller white bag, with the black accents. It's not super-easy to use, and I haven't had occasion yet to wear it (ordered it a couple of weeks ago and my activities have not really called for it -- it may be more of a warmer weather item?), so until I cut the tags and commit to using it, I consider it "under review." I need to decide in the next two days to take advantage of free returns, or pay $10 to return in the next two weeks (30 day return window).

So, yeah, 4 or 5 items in a month is pretty considerable and adds up if I kept to that pace, but I'm not in much of a buying mood now and think February is a pretty off month for me as far as shopping. I'm posting this mostly to sort out my thoughts on this, do a little analysis, and give myself a little accountability.