I got two knit dresses this year from Boden, and I have been wearing them mostly around the house. Even in the talls, both are above my knee by several inches. Also, the navy one is too heavy weight for much over 90 degrees, which it's been for months and still is.

When I go out in them, I've been feeling a bit self conscious, almost like they are too casual/nightgownish out in public. I think it's due to where the hem hits, but I'm not sure. I'm not posting a pic in them because the picture doesn't capture the problem I'm feeling. They photograph (selfie style) longer than they are.

I do like dresses and skirts, but I think if I look for dresses next year that I want to focus on wovens over knits, and that even if I am drawn to something , I'm going to be happier with something no shorter than the knee. I may demote these to swimsuit cover ups. If I wasn't always hot, I'd wear with pants. I am fine wearing them at home.